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Susan B. Apel

Professor of Law

JD, Northeastern University, Boston, 1977;
BA, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 1974

Phone: 802-831-1223



  • Closing the Loop: Multidisciplinary Challenges to Support Communication with Egg Donors and Recipients, American Journal of Bioethics Primary Research.  Upon invitation, I reviewed and critiqued the above manuscript for publication.
  • Susan B.Apel, No More Casebooks (working title); This article is in response to a white paper published by the Family Law Education Reform Report which concluded that there was a "substantial and growing gap between family law teaching and practice."  The article includes a discussion of the domestic relations segment of the General Practice Program and my conclusions about teaching students to be effective family law practitioners.  Scheduled to be published in the fall of 2011.    
  • Susan B. Apel, Why Compensating Surrogate Mothers Is The Right Thing To Do,; also picked up and reported by at
  • Susan B. Apel, Book Review: Howard Jones and Susan Crockin,  Legal Conceptions: The Evolving Law and  Policy of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, 51:4 American J. Legal History (to be published, October 2011)
  • Susan B. Apel, Teaching Law and Medicine on the Interdisciplinary Cutting Edge: Assisted Reproductive Technologies, 38:2 J. Law, Medicine & Ethics 420 (Summer 2010)
  • Access Denied: Assisted Reproductive Technology Services and the Resurrection of Hill-Burton, 35 WILLIAM MITCHELL LAW REVIEW 412 (2009).
  • Access to Assisted Reproductive Technologies, 12 JOURNAL OF MEDICINE & LAW 33 (2008); republished by Kluwers-Wolter in 2007 in a compendium of papers presented at the transnational conference in Trento, Italy; republished again in ASSISTED REPRODUCTIVE TECHNOLOGIES (Anila V. Menon, ed., Icfai University Press, Hyderabad, India, 2008).
  • Cryopreserved Embryos: A Response to “Forced Parenthood” and the Role of Intent, FAMILY LAW: BALANCING INTERESTS AND PURSUING PRIORITIES (L. D. Wardle and C. S. Williams, eds., edited version, 2007).
  • Why Marriage Still Matters: A Response to Professor Gregory Johnson’s Paper, Civil Unions, A Reappraisal, 30 VERMONT LAW REVIEW 913 (2006).
  • Cryopreserved Embryos: A Response to “Forced Parenthood” and the Role of Intent, 39, no. 3 FAMILY LAW QUARTERLY 663 (original version, 2005).
  • Book Review, Carl Horn III, LawyerLife: Finding Happiness and a Higher Calling in the Practice of Law, 30, no. 4 VERMONT BAR JOURNAL (2004).
  • Collaborative Law: A Skeptic’s View, 30, no. 1 VERMONT BAR JOURNAL 41(2004).
  • Innovative Legal Education: The General Practice Program, SYLLABUS, newsletter of the ABA Section of Legal Education and Admissions to the Bar (Spring 2004).
  • Genetic Testing: Speaking up for Women’s Privacy Interests, 6 JOURNAL OF GENDER SPECIFIC MEDICINE 9 (2003).
  • Privacy in Genetic Testing: Why Women Are Different, 11 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INTERDISCIPLINARY LAW JOURNAL 1 (2001).
  • Disposition of Frozen Embryos: Are Contracts the Solution? 27 VERMONT BAR JOURNAL 29 (2001).
  • The Seven Principles of Good Practice in Legal Education: Good Practice Encourages Student-Faculty Contact, 49 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 371 (1999).
  • Gender and Invisible Work: Musings of a Woman Law Professor, 31 UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO LAW REVIEW 993 (1997).
  • Communitarianism and Feminism: The Case Against the Preference for the Two Parent Family, 10 WISCONSIN WOMEN’S LAW JOURNAL 1 (1995).
  • Operation Rescue and the Necessity Defense: Beginning a Feminist Deconstruction, 48 WASHINGTON AND LEE LAW REVIEW 41 (1991).
  • Custodial Parents, Child Sexual Abuse, and the Legal System: Beyond Contempt, AMERICAN UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW (1989).


  • Assisted Reproductive Technologies in VERMONT GUIDE TO HEALTH CARE LAW (2008), available at
  • Not a gift, personal essay on the experience of having breast cancer, DARTMOUTH MEDICINE MAGAZINE, winter 2007, at 25, available at
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching, L. Tchr., (Institute for Law School Teaching, Spokane, Wash.) Spring 1999.
  • The Kinetic Classroom, L. Tchr., (Institute for Law School Teaching, Spokane, Wash.) Spring 1995.
  • Teaching Law, Learning French, L. Tchr., (Institute for Law School Teaching, Spokane, Wash.) Fall 1994.