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Stephanie Farrior

Photo of Stephanie Farrior
Professor of Law, Director of International and Comparative Law Programs and the Center for Applied Human Rights

LLM, Harvard Law School;
JD, American University;
MA, University of Pennsylvania;
LHD (honoris causa), Macalester College;
BA, Macalester College


  • Cornell Law School.  The Role of Law in International Human Rights Advocacy.  Ithaca, March 2013
  • American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting. Pedagogy for International Law Practice. Washington DC, January 2012
  • Vermont Law School. From Then to Now: The Early Years in International Advocacy for LGBTI Rights and the Evolution to Today, at conference "Global Activism on LGBTI Issues." South Royalton VT, April 2012
  • Roger S. Aaron '64 Endowed Lecture, Dartmouth College, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences. The Role of Law in International Human Rights Advocacy. Hanover NH, November 2011
  • American Association of Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting. Developments in International Law relating to Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. San Francisco, January 2011
  • Chatham House. Monitoring and Enforcing Human Rights Law, at Transatlantic Dialogues on International Law: Human Rights and International Law, co-sponsored by Chatham House and the Atlantic Council. London, November 2010
  • University of Michigan. Accountability Beyond States, at conference Human Rights: From Practice to Policy. Ann Arbor, October 2010
  • Institute for International Relations, Panteion University. New Challenges to the International System—An International Law Perspective, at conference "The World and Greece in 2030." Athens, Greece, May 2010
  • Dartmouth College. The US and the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Hanover NH, May 2010
  • Public Radio International's Living on Earth: Human Rights in Cancer Alley. Interviewed by PRI about the first environmental justice case to be brought against the United States before the OAS Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. April 2010
  • University of Virginia School of Law. Internationalizing Concerns about Human Rights Abuses in the US: Developments at the UN and the OAS, at conference 50 Years after the Sit-Ins: Reflecting on the Role of Protest in Social Movements and Law Reform. Charlottesville, January 2010
  • Case Western Reserve University School of Law. Accountability for the Torture Memos, at conference After Guantanamo: The Way Forward—Four Roundtables on Reconciling National Security and the Rule of Law. Cleveland, September 2009.
  • American Society of International Law (ASIL) and New England Law. Challenges to Implementation of the CEDAW at conference on CEDAW and its Optional Protocol. Boston, March 2009.
  • Vermont Law School. Women and Genocide: Perpetrators, Victims, Prosecutors and Judges, on panel on "Gender and Genocide" at national conference of International Law Students Association "Understanding Genocide: Prevention, Prosecution and Progress." South Royalton, VT, October 2008.
  • Harvard Law School. International Human Rights Law on Economic and Social Rights in U.S. State Court Decisions, at conference on "The United States and Human Rights: Bringing Rights Home." Cambridge, MA, March 2008
  • Pennsylvania State University, Torture and International Law. March 2008
  • AALS Workshop on Clinical Legal Education—Challenging Assumptions: Challenging Assumptions through International Human Rights Law. New Orleans, May 2007
  • 26th Annual Frank Church Symposium on International Affairs, speaker on two panels: The Reality of International Human Rights Law and The Lives and Rights of Women and Children in the Middle East. Idaho State University, March 2007
  • New York University School of Law, Experts Meeting on Terrorism as a Human Rights Issue, Lead Speaker on session: Should We Call Terrorism a Human Rights Violation? New York City, February 2007
  • UN Commission on the Status of Women, 50th session: Eliminating Violence against Women: Where Does Due Diligence Fit In? United Nations, New York, March 2006
  • Asia-Pacific NGO Consultation with the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women. Presentation and workshop on The Due Diligence Standard in Holding States Accountable for Violence against Women in the Private Sphere. Bangkok, Thailand, October 2005
  • New York University School of Law symposium: The Economic and Social Rights of Non-Citizens under International Human Rights Law. New York City, March 2005
  • NAACP Annual Convention: International Human Rights Law and U.S. Civil Rights. Philadelphia, July 2004
  • ACLU and Amnesty International event Human Rights After September 11. Human Rights Violations in the Name of the War on Terrorism. Washington, DC, September 11, 2003
  • Columbia Law School The Rights of Women in International Human Rights Law Textbooks: Segregation, Integration, or Omission? at conference Why a Feminist Law Journal? New York City, April 2003
  • Current Issues Forum, Penn State-Dickinson School of Law The US and Iraq: Humanitarian Intervention, Self-Defense, or Aggression? Carlisle, February 2003
  • Institute for Advanced Legal Study, University of London. Protecting Against Discrimination, at conference on Human Rights—Dynamic Dimensions. London, April 2002
  • Carnegie Council on Ethics and Foreign Affairs and the Clarke Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues, symposium on the Death Penalty: International Perspectives on the Death Penalty in the United States. Dickinson College, February 2002.
  • Mid-Atlantic People of Color Conference, Georgetown University Law Center. International Law on Racial Discrimination for U.S. Civil Rights Advocates. Washington DC, January 2002
  • Ryukoku University, Kyoto. "The International Law on Racial Discrimination and its Application in Japan and the United States." Kyoto, Japan, November 2001
  • Fourth Annual Owen M. Kupferschmid Lecture. International Human Rights Mechanisms to Combat Racial Discrimination: An Assessment. Boston College Law School, November 2001
  • United Nations, 2nd Prep. Comm. for the World Conference against Racism: Workshop for NGOs: How to Use UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies to Address Racial Discrimination. Geneva, May 2001
  • Commencement Address, Macalester College, May 2001
  • European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights (EALDH) international conference on Asylum as a Human Right. Protection against Non-State Persecution. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, November 2000
  • Maastricht University. Universal Jurisdiction for Crimes against Humanity, at conference on Universal Jurisdiction. Maastricht, Netherlands, April 2000
  • Kosovo—OSCE Conference on Human Rights. The Obligations of States to Protect Women's Human Rights. Pristina, Kosovo, December 1999
  • DEMOCRACY NOW (Pacifica Radio) with Amy Goodman: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Interviewed on the 50th anniversary of the UDHR, December 10, 1998
  • American Society of International Law Annual Meeting. The International Law Commission's Draft Articles on State Responsibility and Their Application to Human Rights Abuses by Non-State Actors. Washington DC, April 1998
  • International Law Association (American Branch). Implementing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. New York City, November 1998
  • Japan Federation of Bar Associations. The Death Penalty in the United States and in International Law, at conference on The Death Penalty—East and West. Tokyo, Japan, July 1998
  • Osaka Bar Association, as part of its "UDHR 50" lecture series.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Death Penalty. Osaka, July 1998
  • International Law Association (American Branch) annual conference. Trafficking in Human Beings. New York City, November 1997
  • International Conference on Government Inaction, convened by Amnesty International. State Responsibility for Human Rights Abuses by Non-State Actors in International Law. Berne, Switzerland, October 1997
  • American Political Science Association annual meeting. International Law in the Undergraduate Classroom: Back Door, Front Door or Locked Door? Washington, DC, August 1997
  • New York Women's Bar Association International Human Rights Law and Women's Reproductive Freedom, at symposium on The Status of Rights and Freedoms of Women Worldwide.  New York City, March 1997
  • University of Texas School of Law. Using International Human Rights Law to Combat Violence against Women in the United States, at conference on National and International Strategies to End Violence against Women.  Austin, February 1997
  • International Law Association (American Branch) International Law Weekend. Cross-cultural Perspectives on Hate Speech Regulation, on panel on Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Progressive Development of Human Rights:  New York City, November 1996
  • Harvard University,  The U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child, at Conference on Health and Human Rights, panel on HIV/AIDS, Child Health and the Rights of the Child: Cambridge, MA, October 1996
  • Harvard University Conference on Health and Human Rights, chair of panel on "The Legacy of the Doctors' Trial at Nuremberg: Health Workers and Human Rights." Cambridge, MA, October 1996
  • Association of the Bar of the City of New York. The International Law on Trafficking in Women and Children for Prostitution. New York, June 1996
  • Clarke Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Contemporary Issues. The Need for a Permanent International Criminal Court, at symposium on The Legacy of the Nuremberg Trials, panel on Contemporary War Crimes Tribunals. Dickinson College, March 1996
  • Dickinson College. Human Rights: Facing New Realities, at symposium on the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. Carlisle, February 1995
  • International Meeting of Amnesty International Lawyers Network. Issues in the International Law on Hate Speech. Boston, August 1993
  • International Lawyers Meeting of Amnesty International Lawyers Network. The International Law on the Death Penalty. Yokohama, September 1991