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Richard O. Brooks

Professor Emeritus of Law, Founding Director of Environmental Law Center

PhD, Brandeis University, 1974;
LLB, Yale University, 1962;
MA, University of Chicago, 1958;
BA, University of Chicago, 1956

Phone: 802-831-1216


Book and Chapters

  • Editor, Augustine and Modern Law (Ashgate Press 2011)
  • Editor, Cicero and Modern Law (Ashgate Press 2009)
  • Editor, Plato and Modern Law (Ashgate Press 2007).
  • Introduction to Plato and Modern Law (Ashgate Press 2006).
  • Aristotle and Modern Law (Ashgate Publishing 2003).
  • With Ross Jones and Ross A. Virginia, "Law and Ecology: The Rise of the Ecosystem Regime", in Ecology And Law In Modern Society (Ashgate Publishing 2002).
  • "Aristotle and Modern Law," in Philosophers and Law (James Bernard Murphy & Tom D. Campbell eds., Ashgate Publishing 2002).
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  • With Thomas Hoban, Green Justice: The Environment and The Courts (2d ed., Westview Press 1996).
  • "Buying the Sky: Acid Rain Controls in the U.S. Under the 1990 Clean Air Act," in Acid Rain, (J. Rose ed., Gordon and Breach Science Publishers 1994).
  • "Federal Air Pollution Control," in Zoning and Land Use Controls (Patrick Rohan ed., 1991).
  • "The Law of Municipal Comprehensive Planning," in Zoning and Land Use Controls (Patrick Rohan ed., 1990).
  • "State and Regional Land Use Controls," in Zoning and Land Use Controls (Patrick Rohan ed., 1989).
  • "State and Local Environmental Impact Requirements," in Zoning and Land Use Controls (Patrick Rohan ed., 1988).
  • New Towns and Communal Values (1974).


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