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Michael Dworkin

Photo of Michael Dworkin.
Professor of Law, Director of Institute for Energy and the Environment

JD, Harvard Law School, 1978;
BA, Middlebury College, 1975

Phone: 802-831-1319


Articles and Major Decisions

Major Decisions:
  • Vermont Electric Power Company, Inc. and Green Mountain Power Corporation, Docket No. 6860, 2005 WL 351182 (Vt. P.S.B. Jan. 28, 2005). Order re 75-mile electricity transmission project. Chair.
  • Energy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC, Docket No. 6812, 232 P.U.R. 4th 219 (Vt. P.S.B. March 15, 2004). Order re upgrade of Vermont Yankee nuclear plant. Chair.
  • Request to Reduce the Amount to be Collected Via the Energy Efficiency Charge in the Year 2003, Docket No. 6777, 222 P.U.R. 4th 521 (Vt. P.S.B. Dec. 30, 2002). Dissent from Order reducing size of energy efficiency program. Chair.
  • Energy Efficiency Plan Re: Phase II, Docket No. 5980, 196 P.U.R. 4th 476 (Vt. P.S.B. Sept. 30, 1999). Order creating "Efficiency Vermont." Chair.
  • Proposed sale of Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station 207 P.U.R. 4th 292 (Vt. P.S.B. Feb. 14, 2001). Denial of bid to purchase Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. Chair.
  • Green Mountain Power Corp. 207 P.U.R. 4th 1 (Vt. P.S.B. Jan. 23, 2001). Relief from potential bankruptcy, allocation of imprudent costs, restraints on unregulated affiliates, and ratepayer protection against unjust enrichment. Chair.
  • Least-Cost Investments, Energy Efficiency and Management of Demand 1990 WL 666762 (Vt. P.S.B. April 16, 1990). Requiring integrated resource plans and utility-funded energy efficiency measures. Hearing Officer.
  • Central Vermont Public Service Corp., 83 P.U.R. 4th 532. (Vt. PSB May 15, 1987) Protecting rate-payers from cost-overruns at Seabrook nuclear power plant. Drafted Board decision.
  • National Association of Metal Finishers v. EPA, 719 F.2d 624 (3d Cir. 1983). Removal of majority of toxic metals in waste water across United States. Brief and oral argument.


  • Comparative Analysis of Conventional Oil and Gas and Wind Project Decommissioning Regulations on Federal, State, and County Lands, Changala D, Dworkin M, et al Electricity Journal, (2012), doi:10.1016/j.tej.2011.12.004.  
  • The Environmental Dimension of Energy Security, Marilyn A. Brown and Michael H. Dworkin A Chapter in:   The Routledge Handbook of Energy Security Benjamin Socolow, Editor Routledge Press, 2011
  • The Rebirth of American Energy Efficiency, Michael Dworkin, Kari Twaite and Dan York A chapter in:    Capturing the Power of Electric Restructuring Joey Lee Miranda, Editor American Bar Association's Sections on State and Local Government Law and the Section on Environment, Energy, and Resources (2009)
  • The Energy Trilemma in the Green Mountain State, John Sautter, James Landis, and Michael H. Dworkin Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, vol. 10, issue 3, Spring 2009
  • Subsidization of Non-Renewable Energy Resources Elizabeth Catlin & Michael Dworkin (CLI Background Paper No. 5 in: Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature:  Climate Change, Human Rights, and Intergenerational Justice (Climate Legacy Initiative 2009), available at 
  • Extending Intergenerational Equity in Electricity Regulation to Account for Climate Effects Christina Switzer & Michael Dworkin CLI Background Paper No. 4 in: Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature:  Climate Change, Human Rights, and Intergenerational Justice (Climate Legacy Initiative 2009), available at 
  •  Looking 'Round the Bend: The Under-Recognized Risks of Investing in Traditional Coal-Fired Generation Foreword, by Michael Dworkin, in David Schlissel's:  Don't Get Burned: The Risks of Investing in New Coal-fired Generating Facilities Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility  (Synapse Energy Economics, Inc., February, 2008)
  • Ensuring Consideration of the Public Interest in the Governance and Accountability of Regional Transmission Organizations  Michael H. Dworkin and Rachel Aslin Goldwasser  Energy Law Journal, Volume 28, No. 2 (2007) at 453  
  • "Old-Coal" Power Plants: Imprudent Investments? Michael Dworkin, Shanna Vale, and Ellen Crivella Science 315, 1791b (2007) DOI: 10.1126/science.315.5820.1791b
  • All Hands on Deck: Recruiting Clean, Secure and Distributed Help for America's Energy Needs Foreword, by Michael Dworkin, in Freeing the Grid: How Effective State Net Metering Laws Can Revolutionize Energy Policy Network for New Energy Choices (November 2006)
  •  Revisiting 'The Environmental Duties of Public Utility Commissions" (with David Farnsworth, Jason Salmi Klotz and Jason Rich) Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (Autumn 2006)
  • The Efficiency Utility: A Model for Replication? (with Blair Hamilton and Beth Sachs) European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Juried Proceedings of the ECEEE 2005 Published Proceedings (Mandelieu, France)
  • Four Years' Experience with the Nation's First Energy Efficiency Utility: Balancing Resource Acquisition and Market Transformation Under a Performance Contract (with Blair Hamilton) American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Juried Proceedings of the ACEEE 2004 Summer Study Conference on Energy Efficiency
  • The Environmental Duties of Public Utility Commissions (with David Farnsworth and Jason Rich) 18 Pace Environmental Law Review 325 (2001)