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Martha L. Judy

Professor of Law

JD, Yale University, 1989;
BSF, Purdue University, 1981

Phone: 802-831-1345


Professor Martha Judy specializes in the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (commonly known as Superfund), the cleanup of hazardous substances, and the effect of environmental liabilities on behavior. At Vermont Law School, she has taught Torts, two courses that focus on the law of toxics and hazardous substances (CERCLA and RCRA, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act), Natural Resources Law, and a unit on environmental problem-solving within the General Practice Program. She speaks and writes on topics related to CERCLA and Brownfields liability, cost recovery, contribution, and natural resources damages.

Professor Judy contributed to the brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the respondent in United States v. Atlantic Research Corp., on behalf of amicus curiae Natural Resources Defense Council and a group of law professors, among whom she was also named. Her research focuses on how this landmark decision on CERCLA liability and cost recovery may encourage voluntary cleanup of brownfields and other sites. She wrote a chapter on cost recovery for the forthcoming third edition of Todd S. Davis' "Brownfields: A Comprehensive Guide to Redeveloping Contaminated Property" (published by the American Bar Association).

Other Superfund work by Professor Judy included heading Vermont Law School's Superfund project and directing research for the National Commission on Superfund, a group of environmentalists, corporate CEOs, citizens, and government leaders seeking consensus on ways to improve the cleanup of Superfund sites. She also facilitated discussions for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as it sought feedback from citizens, environmentalists, local governments, and industry on how to improve Superfund.

Professor Judy earned her BSF degree in wildlife management and forestry from Purdue University in 1981 and her JD from Yale Law School in 1989. Upon graduation, she worked as policy analyst in the Office of Policy Research and Coordination for Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin. Professor Judy joined the faculty at Vermont Law School in 1994 and was the first director of the law school's Environmental Semester in Washington, D.C., program. She has testified on hazardous materials, solid waste, recycling, and planning legislation before the Vermont Legislature and has testified before the Michigan Legislature on forestry and wildlife issues. She serves as a member of the Brookfield (Vermont) Planning Commission.