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Weeks of Aug. 15-Aug. 22

September 9, 2011

  • OnEarth talked to Professor Gus Speth on Aug. 24 about how consumerism is outstripping the planet's resources and only a change in economic values will promote sustainability.
  • Vermont Public Radio aired a commentary Aug. 23 by Dean Jeff Shields about VLS's shift to serving locally grown food.
  • The Japan Times spoke with Adjunct Professor Peter Bradford on Aug. 21 about lessons from Three Mile Island's partial  meltdown that may be applied to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.
  • The Corvallis Gazette-Times (Ore.) spoke with Mark Cooper on Aug. 21 about the costs of nuclear power and bringing a small modular reactor to market. Cooper is a senior research fellow for economic analysis at the Institute for Energy and the Environment.
  • The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Associated Press, FOX News, USA Today, Forbes, Huffington Post, Greenwire, The Hill, The Nation, Reuters, Agence France-Presse, Rolling Stone, Grist, Salon, Daily Kos, Yahoo! News (U.S. and Canada), Sky News Australia, Macau Daily Times, Oman Tribune, Taiwan News, Treehugger, SmartMoney and hundreds of other media worldwide reported Aug. 20-24 on the arrest of Professor Gus Speth and others during protests against a proposed Canadian oil sands pipeline into the United States. It was the largest display of civil disobedience in decades in the U.S.
  • The Capitol spoke with Kevin Jones, VLS's smart grid project leader, about lessons from deregulating New York's electric market.
  • In his Sports Illustrated column on Aug. 19, Professor Michael McCann wrote about the first class-action lawsuit to be brought against the NFL for concussions and other head injuries.
  • In his Aug. 18 column in Sports Illustrated, Professor Michael McCann discussed the legal implications for professional athletes after a minor league baseball player tested positive for Human Growth Hormone.
  • WAMC Northeast Public Radio spoke with Professor Pat Parenteau on Aug. 18 about tritium being detected in the Connecticut River near the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant.
  • Vermont Public Radio talked to professors Cheryl Hanna and Pat Parenteau on Aug. 18 about witnesses who may be called in the upcoming Vermont Yankee federal trial, including Adjunct Professor Peter Bradford.
  • The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette included VLS's Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic in an Aug. 17 story about a controversial proposed coal and natural gas energy project in southwestern Pennsylvania.
  • WCAX talked to Professor Cheryl Hanna on Aug. 17 about a new ruling on federal health care reform that sets the stage for a fight before the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • ran an op-ed column Aug. 17 by Assistant Professor Don Kreis about the controversial severance package given to UVM President Dan Fogel by the University of Vermont Board of Trustees.
  • The Alaska Public Radio Network,  ABC affiliate KTUU and CBS affiliate KTBA in Anchorage spoke with Associate Professor Betsy Baker on Aug. 16 about her presentation at the Institute of the North and the need for Arctic nations to coordinate regulations for oil and gas development.
  • The Associated Press reported Aug. 16 on the death of Francis E. Morrissey Jr. '88, a prominent attorney in Vermont.
  • Vermont Public Radio spoke with Assistant Professor Don Kreis on Aug. 16 about what kinds of information that utilities should be allowed to keep secret.
  • Greenwire spoke with Professor Pat Parenteau on Aug. 15 about environmental groups' legal efforts to stop the hunting of gray wolves in Idaho and Montana.
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