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January 2009

  • Professor Cheryl Hanna was quoted in this January 31 Rutland Herald story about the largest robbery in Vermont's history, which occurred at Rutland's Howe Center in 2002. The federal statute of limitations has expired in this case. Hanna noted that the limitations exist to ensure fair trials, but also noted that robbery charges are not the only charges that the suspect could face.

  • Professor Peter Teachout was interviewed for this January 31 Rutland Herald article about National Guard deployment in Vermont. Teachout says that a bill to allow Vermont to deny further National Guard deployments is legally sound because the stated goals of the federal legislation that led to the war in Iraq have been fulfilled. The Times/Argus also carried the story.

  • Professor Michael McCann wrote this September 29 article for Sports Illustrated about Barry Bonds' performance-enhancing drug woes. McCann suggests that a perjury charge will be difficult to prove, and that the trial will be one of sports law's most significant trials in history. McCann was also interviewed by FOX News for this February 5 segment on the Bonds trial:

  • Professor Michael Dworkin was quoted in this January 18 Valley News article that posed the question, "Is Capitalism Sustainable?" The article discusses the health of the global economy and its relationship to climate change.

  • Professor Jack Tohulske was interviewed on two Missoula, MT. news stations, KECI and KPAX, on January 17, regarding the effects of climate change on trout fisheries in the Northern Rockies and the inadequacies of existing water laws to address the problem. The discussion draws upon research he has been conducting at VLS for a law review article. A link to the story is not available.
    • Dean Shirley Jefferson spoke with VPR on Jan. 19 about her experience growing up in Selma, Ala. and her thoughts on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Listen to the interview at She was also featured in a Jan. 20 Times Argus article that previewed her keynote address at Vermont Law School's MLK Day celebration. Read the story at The Randolph Herald featured Dean Jefferson and students in a front-page article about the event in its Jan. 22 edition. Read it at

    • Dean Jeff Shields and VLS student Tracey Lewis (JD '09) shared their thoughts on the new presidency with readers of the Valley News in this Jan. 21 series. Read it at

    • Professor Cheryl Hanna's Women and the Law class was featured in this Jan. 9 WCAX-TV, Channel 3 News segment about the amicus brief they filed with the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Michael Brillon. Watch it at Prof. Hanna was also quoted in this Jan. 14 Times Argus article about the case. Read the article at

    • Professor Michael Dworkin took part in a Jan. 9 press briefing in Washington, D.C., updating a carbon sequestration project that VLS researchers are working on in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon. See the article at

    • Professor Patrick Parenteau was quoted in a Jan. 8 article on ClimateWire about the struggle for law professors to teach Climate Change Law when the law has not caught up to the science. Read the article at

    • Former VLS faculty member and VLS alumna Ellen Swain Veen was interviewed about her transition from public defender to law professor to writer by Darling Hill in this Jan. 8 "Lawyer Redefined". Read the interview at

    • Professor Patrick Parenteau was quoted in the Baltimore Sun in this Jan. 5 article about the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency, which contends the EPA failed to comply with the Clean Water Act. Read the article at

    • Professor Brian Porto delivered a VPR commentary on Jan. 2 titled "Best Kept Secret," about Florida State University football player and Rhodes Scholarship winner Myron Rolle. Read the commentary at