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March 2008

  • Professor Patrick Parenteau was quoted in a March 25 story in National Geographic News, "U.S. Abusing Law to Get Species Off Protected List?" The story examined whether the Bush Administration was using a little-known classification called the "distinct population segments" to undermine the Endangered Species Act. Read the story at

  • Professor Parenteau was also quoted in a front-page story in the March 27 Randolph Herald, where he cautioned about plans to use waste from the Omya marble plant near Rutland to mitigate problems at the Elizabeth Mine Superfund site in Strafford. The story is not yet available on line.

  • Professor Cheryl Hanna was interviewed by the Burlington Free Press about a Vermont Supreme Court decision that overturned a felony marijuana conviction on the basis that the defendant's privacy rights extended to the airspace above his home (the marijuana was detected by a National Guard helicopter). Read the story at
    Professor Michael Mello shared his analysis of the decision with the Rutland Herald.

  • Professor Hanna was also quoted in a Free Press story about District Court Judge Ben Joseph's decision to step off a high-profile murder trial without explanation. Read about it at

  • Yale Law Professor Kenji Yoshino, a gay rights advocate and author of a new book, Covering—The Hidden Assault On Our Civil Rights, visited VLS on March 28 for a lively discussion of civil rights and personal identity. Yoshino spoke with Vermont Public Radio in advance of his visit; listen to the story at

  • The Vermont Supreme Court's March 24 visit to VLS continued to pick up press coverage for a case in which justices were asked to decide whether feeding unruly prisoners a product called "Nutraloaf" was, in fact, punishment. The Valley News carried a March 25 front-page story that can be read at
    Channel 3 (WCAX) carried this report, which can be viewed at (click on the video icon to view the segment).
    Channel 5 (WPTZ) filed a story that can be seen at

  • New Mexico resident Emily Gillette visited VLS this week to share her story of breast-feeding discrimination. Gillette was kicked off a Freedom Airlines plane for not covering up while breast feeding. Now the Vermont Human Rights Commission has found that the airline's action amounted to discrimination. The March 27 Burlington Free Press carried a story on the case, read it at

  • The Chico News & Review published an article this week recognizing their own Chico State University for its green projects. The article also cited the VLS partnership with Sun Yat-sen University as "an impressive mission." Read the article at

  • Adam Ganson, JD ’10 was among a group of students who traveled to Israel over spring break work on local improvement projects and meet with residents of the Negev region. A story in the Cincinnati Enquirer highlighted the group's mission. Read the story at

  • Readers of the Vermont Standard may have recognized the "Cookie Merchant" captured in a photo in the March 20 edition. The young cookie merchant pictured at Mac's Market in Woodstock is the daughter of VLS Communications Coordinator Jennie Clarke (also pictured). Seven-year-old Anika is well known in the VLS community for her Girl Scout cookie marketing skills. (The photo is not available online).

  • The Vermont Supreme Court made its annual visit to Vermont Law School on March 24 to hear six oral arguments, including one in which the justices were asked to decide whether feeding unruly prisoners an unappetizing product called “Nutraloaf” amounted to punishment. The Valley News carried this front-page story on the arguments. Channel 3 filed a report, which can be viewed on their website (click on the camera icon for video). Channel 5 also ran a story on the Supreme Court's visit, which can be seen on the Channel 5 website (click on “video”).

  • The National Association of Environmental Law Societies' annual conference was held on March 20-22 and hosted by VLS. It drew coverage in the Burlington Free Press, which carried this story on the keynote address by U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders: Sanders story.The Free Press also carried a front-page NAELS story on March 22 entitled "Young Lawyers Set Green Agenda." It can be read on the Free Press website.

  • Professor Michael Dworkin spoke to CBC radio for a March 14 piece that examined the growing demand for corn-based ethanol and the move to market it as a “green” alternative to fossil fuels. The CBC piece, which runs 11 minutes long, can be heard on the CBC website (scroll to March 14 listing).

  • Professor Peter Teachout was interviewed about a bill in the Vermont Legislature that calls on the governor to take “all possible steps” to bring Vermont National Guard troops back from Iraq. Teachout and VLS Professor Michael Mello testified on the bill during a State House hearing earlier this month. The story is can be found at

  • Professor Mello was also called on by the Burlington Free Press to discuss the request for a change of venue in a high-profile Burlington murder case. Read the story at

  • The upcoming NAELS conference drew coverage on the Environment page featured in the Sunday, March 16 editions of the Rutland Herald and Times Argus. Read the article online at the Times Argus.

  • Professor Ken Kreiling was the featured guest on the March 17 airing of Vermont Public Radio's "Vermont Edition." The program covered a proposal to put Vermont court records on-line. Listen to the audio stream at the VPR website.

  • Professor Marc Mihaly was recently interviewed by MSNBC for a story about a ban on plastic bags in San Francisco and the industry's response to such bans. The story appeared on both MSNBC and Newsweek sites.

  • Dean Jeff Shields' commentary piece, "Exporting Vermont's Environmental Expertise," describing the work of the VLS China program and his recent visit to China, ran in the March 11 issue of the Burlington Free Press. Read the commentary at (A direct link to the story is not working.)

  • Susan Davidson of the Office of Institutional Advancement penned an op-ed entitled, "A Better Kind of Leadership," analyzing the differences in the presidential primary campaigns of Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Her piece appeared in March 13 issue of the Rutland Herald and can be read on the Herald's website.

  • The Vermont Supreme Court's controversial decision to dismiss charges against a repeat offender who spent three years in jail awaiting trial for aggravated domestic assault brought news coverage from around the state. Professor Michael Mello was quoted in the March 15 editions of the Times Argus and Rutland Herald, available online on the Times Argus' website, while Professor Cheryl Hanna appeared on WCAX, Channel 3 to discuss the case. Read WCAX's coverage on their site.

  • Professor Hanna also sat in for Peter Freyne to write the popular "Inside Track" column (dubbed "Outside Track" for guest columnists) in the March 12 edition of Seven Days. Her column, "Putting Freedom to the Test," addressed the role of religion in public schools. Read the column at Seven Days online.

  • A story on WLOX, a Mississippi-based television station, noted that VLS students were among those who spent spring break helping residents in the Gulf Coast who are still rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina. Check out WLOX's coverage on their website.

  • VLS Alum Rich Taylor, JD ’04, was featured in an article about his plans to open a firm in Exeter, N.H. Read about it at Seacoast Online.

  • VLS student Jared Carter J.D. ’09 and his Cuban-born wife, Yurisleidis Leyvis Mora, joined two other Vermonters in filing a lawsuit against the Bush Administration challenging a 2004 executive order that restricts Cuban-Americans from visiting family in Cuba. The story made the cover of Seven Days. There were also articles in the Rutland Herald (reprinted in Cuba Journal) and from the Associated Press, which was picked up in the Miami Herald. The Burlington Free Press also ran an article, which can be read on their website, as well as an editorial that is available online.

  • A group of VLS students, joined by Professor Jackie Gardina, traveled to Capitol Hill for a March 7 rally to urge Congress to repeal the “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” policy that discriminates against gays and lesbians serving in the military. Their D.C. trip was highlighted in Seven Days, which featured VLS student Kathy Stickel, J.D. ’09. Read the story on the Seven Days website. The rally was also covered in D.C. by Vermont Public Radio. Read and listen to VPR's coverage. The Society of American Law Teachers featured the rally on its website with a photo of Gardina speaking in front of the Capitol.

  • Professor Patrick Parenteau was featured on a March 8 "Living on Earth" segment carried on National Public Radio, "Taking Climate Offenders to Court." The audio and transcript of the interview can be found on the Living on Earth website. Parenteau was also interviewed by the Boston Globe for a March 5 article about the discovery of an Eastern gray wolf in Massachusetts (and its subsequent demise). Read the article on

  • VLS student Kendra Quarles J.D. ’08 spoke with the Michigan Daily about Sen. Hillary Clinton's March 4 primary victories. The story is available online at Michigan Daily's website.

  • Professor Cheryl Hanna was a guest on Vermont Public Radio's March 3 segment of Vermont Edition, "Religious Clubs, the First Amendment and Public Schools." The piece can be heard on the VPR website.