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November 30, 2012

  • WCAX spoke with Professor Cheryl Hanna on Oct. 23 about a U.S. Supreme Court case between major seed manufacturer Monsanto and an Indiana farmer over genetically modified seeds.
  • Living on Earth talked with Professor Pat Parenteau on Oct. 17 about a citizens group planning to use the Clean Water Act to file suit over alleged environmental violations at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Massachusetts.
  • The Associated Press spoke with Professor Pat Parenteau on Oct. 16 about a case seeking to stop California's first-in-the-nation mandate requiring petroleum refiners and ethanol producers to make cleaner fuels for millions of cars and trucks in the state.
  • The Associated Press reported Oct. 9 on the appoinment of Laurie Ristino as the first director of VLS's Center for Agriculture and Food Systems.
  • In his Oct. 9 column in Sports Illustrated, Professor Michael McCann analyzed the sentencing of a former Penn State football coach convicted of child abuse.
  • The Wall Street Journal spoke with Adjunct Professor Peter Bradford on Oct. 8 about whether the world should increase its reliance on nuclear energy.
  • Greenwire talked to Professor John Echeverria on Oct. 4 about the U.S. Supreme Court's handling of a property rights case concerning Florida's attempts to restore and protect its beaches.
  • In his Oct. 2 column in Sports Illustrated, Professor Michael McCann discussed Ed O'Bannon's potentially billion dollar class action lawsuit against the NCAA.
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