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Tonight’s NFL Labor Deadline: Sports Law Expert Michael McCann Available to Comment

March 11, 2011

SOUTH ROYALTON, VT -- As Friday's midnight deadline approaches in the NFL labor showdown, Vermont Law School Professor Michael McCann is available to comment on what's next in the potential lockout.Image of Michael McCann

With the NFL on the verge of its first work stoppage in nearly 25 years, Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association head DeMaurice Smith met at a federal mediator's office today, the day the league's twice-extended labor contract was set to expire, the AP reported.

McCann, a nationally recognized sports law expert and director of VLS's Sports Law Institute, predicts:

1. The labor talks break off and the NFLPA decertifies.
2. The owners file a grievance with the National Labor Relations Board to try to block the decertification on grounds that the union is acting in bad faith and has been trying to get the NFL exposed to anti-trust litigation all along.
3. The NFLPA files a request for a temporary restraining order with U.S. District Judge David Doty, who has jurisdiction in NFL-NFLPA labor matters, that blocks the NFL from executing a lockout.
4. Judge Doty could take up to a month to make a decision.

McCann analyzes the NFL labor situation in his column.

Journalists can reach McCann on his cell phone 617-875-6132, office phone 802-831-1207 and email

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