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NarcoLaw Blog: Federal Prosecutor Turned Law Professor Tackles “War on Drugs”

November 8, 2012

SOUTH ROYALTON, Vt. -- Michele Martinez Campbell, who as a federal prosecutor in New York City battled drug kingpins and traffickers before she joined academia, looks at U.S. narcotics law and policy in a scholarly way in her new NarcoLaw blog.

Image of Michele Martinez CampbellMartinez Campbell, now a criminal law professor at Vermont Law School and a crime novelist, questions current approaches to America's drug problem. In her first blog post, she discusses Tuesday's ballot initiatives that legalized recreational use of marijuana in Colorado and Washington.

"If the war on drugs is a failure, what are the consequences for narcotics law and policy?" she said. "What should we do instead? Legalize, educate, treat? What evidence is there that these strategies would be more effective than the prohibition approach we've been following? What would legalization even look like and what potential collateral consequences would it have?"

Check out NarcoLaw as Martinez Campbell and leading scholars and practitioners in law, medicine, sociology and other fields address these questions.

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