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VLS Students Attend LegalTech 2013 in NYC

February 10, 2013

More than a half-dozen Vermont Law School (VLS) students traveled to New York City in late January to attend the LegalTech 2013, an important technology event held annually that now attracts more than 12,000 attendees.

Joining the students were two VLS faculty members, Oliver Goodenough and Rebecca Purdom.

According to Professor Goodenough, who directs the Center for Legal Innovation at Vermont Law School, "Two years ago, VLS appeared to be the only law school in attendance at LegalTech.  This year, it seemed we were the only law school bringing a class of students to attend this fascinating event."

"Legal Tech showed me where the legal profession is going," said Kate Thomas '13.  "As a soon-to-be practitioner, I will need to assess traditional methods of keeping client files and client confidentiality, and adapt to new ways our society keeps this information. Just knowing there is a legal tech industry to help practitioners do that is encouraging." 

Many of the VLS students who went to LegalTech 2013 are registered in Goodenough's Digital Drafting class this semester.  That course focuses on how new technologies affect legal practice, including the automation of legal drafting contracts, data and e-discovery, and virtual practice. 

"It was incredible to see the energy and vitality at LegalTech," said Purdom, who also serves as the director of Distance Learning at VLS.  "It was also great to meet with firms such as Exari and Lexis-Nexis that are partnering with VLS on coursework and research today."

"Through our Center for Legal Innovation, we are committed to ensuring that VLS students learn how the practice of law is changing and equipping them with the practical experience and skills to be relevant practitioners in the future," said Goodenough.  "This trip was part of that learning experience."

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