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"Progressive Fusion" Needed to Save America, Speth Says

January 14, 2011

Watch the entire speech.

The United States is doomed unless the American way of life is radically overhauled, Vermont Law School Professor Gus Speth said in a Jan. 13 public lecture titled "Letter to Liberals: Liberalism, Environmentalism, and Economic Growth."

Speth, a pioneer in the global environmental movement, told an overflow crowd in Oakes Hall that his lecture was "a bit of a stiff drink -- and you may need a stiff drink after hearing it."

In a searing indictment of the nation's economic and political systems, Speth said Americans must abandon the belief that salvation lies in economic growth. Instead, the nation must create a new economy based on a progressive "post-growth" platform of prosperity, peace and well being.

Speth was introduced by Dean Jeff Shields, who called him a "pillar of intellectual rigor and a leader of global entrepreneurial initiatives."

Download the full text of Speth's lecture.



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