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Prof. Cheryl Hanna: Vermont Likely To Foot Legal Bill in Vermont Yankee Lawsuit

July 8, 2011

In her latest addition to Vermont Law School's faculty commentary blog on the lawsuit over the controversial Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, Professor Cheryl Hanna wrote:

Image of Cheryl Hanna"When Act 47 was being debated, I was concerned that the Vermont Legislature might be over-reaching by suggesting that Entergy had to bear the entire cost of litigation. So. I looked at the legislative record, did some research and chatted with my colleagues. It is my humble yet considered judgment that not only is the law unenforceable, but it is also likely unconstitutional.

"So, it is my prediction that if Vermont ever tries to enforce Act 74, even if it prevails in its lawsuit with Entergy, it is Vermont's taxpayers, not the Louisiana corporation's shareholders, who will ultimately foot the bill."

Read the entire commentary.


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