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VLS Selects New Summer Media Fellows

June 13, 2012

Journalists from the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and High Country News have been selected as Vermont Law School's 2012 Summer Media Fellows.

The three are the latest to participate in VLS's Summer Media Fellowships, a highly selective program for online, print and broadcast journalists from the U.S. and overseas who have shown leadership in covering the environment, natural resources, energy, legal affairs, public health and other environment-related issues.Image of VLS

This summer, Tony Barboza, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times, will study Earth Law. Jason Dearen, an environment reporter for the Associated Press in San Francisco, will study Comparative U.S.-China Environmental Law. Jodi Peterson, managing editor of High Country News, will study International Trade and the Environment.

The purpose of the Fellowships program is to sharpen journalists' skills through professional development, so they can advance public understanding of environmental and natural resource issues and the laws and policies that affect our lives and the natural world.

Former fellows include some of the nation's top environment reporters, including NPR's Richard Harris, the AP's Seth Borenstein and Dina Cappiello, the Boston Globe's Beth Daley and the VoiceOfSanDiego's Rob Davis.

"It was a great relief -- and a pleasure -- to spend two entire weeks simply digging into one subject," Harris said. "I was able to build considerable depth in a topic that is likely to gain prominence on the public agenda. I feel much better prepared to report knowledgeably on the topic (Arctic oil exploration). And I also seized the chance to wander into offices and engage people throughout the law school. A first-rate experience."

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