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VLS Faculty Discuss: Why Law School, Why Vermont Law School

February 14, 2012

At a time of widespread change in the legal job market, legal education and how the law is practiced, Vermont Law School's new video "Why Law School, Why Vermont Law School" features members of the VLS faculty discussing the life-long benefits of earning a JD.Image of Debevoise Hall

"Law school is the very best preparation for a broad career," Dean Jeff Shields says.

"There are a ton of career paths you can pursue as a lawyer," says Professor Cheryl Hanna. "We often have in our minds that there are just these traditional lawyer jobs going to a big firm ... but that's just really a small piece of what lawyers do."

Since its founding in 1972, VLS has drawn individuals from across the country and world with a passion for public service, social justice, environmental stewardship and an interest in pursing legal education as a means to make a difference in the world.

VLS is recognized as an entrepreneurial community of energetic students and accomplished legal scholars and practitioners who regularly collaborate on advocacy work that reaches far beyond Vermont. The school's emphasis on practical, experiential learning across government, the nonprofit sector, and in private commerce provides VLS students, while they are students, with a realistic assessment of the challenges and rewards of varied career options in the legal profession.

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