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Global Activism on LGBTI Issues Conference Schedule

Saturday April 7, 2012


Breakfast and Registration
Chase Community Center Breezeway 

From Then to Now: The Early Years in International Advocacy for LGBTI Rights and the Evolution to Today 
Chase Community Center

Pick up lunch

Lunch and Break-Out Session I
Chase Community Center, Chase Loft, Nina Thomas Room, The Map Room

Cross-Cultural Issues in International LGBTI Advocacy: Ignacio Saiz and Cynthia Rothschild will discuss issues that can arise in advocating for LGBTI rights in different cultural contexts 
New Issues and Approaches to Understanding a Right to Sexuality: Sophia Gruskin and Ali Miller will discuss their work around global public health, including HIV/AIDS and LGBTI issues, and what new problems/challenges/issues are arising today 
LGBTI Rights Advocacy at the UN: Stephanie Farrior will share some of her experiences and discuss factors to take into account in developing effective strategies for LGBTI rights advocacy with international human rights mechanisms 
Getting the Message Out: Jean Freedberg will share from her experience in communications some of the challenges and opportunities in developing effective media strategies for global advocacy on LGBTI rights 

Coffee and Dessert; Break-Out Session II
Break Out Sessions same as above 
Chase Community Center, Chase Loft, Nina Thomas Room, The Map Room


Moving Forward on International Strategies for Protecting LGBTI Rights 
Chase Community Center

Yates Common Room