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Jack Sautter , JD/MSEL2008 LLM 2009

A photo of Jack Sautter
Vermont Law School is an opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the energy field.”

Captain, Judge Advocate General, U.S. Marine Corps 

Captain Jack Sautter is interested in empathy. His PhD examines empathy as a measureable trait that leads to political views and has a strong impact on energy law and environmental policy. Sautter believes that empathy and idealism are part of the reason a candidate should take a serious look at VLS. "If you are an idealist at all, on any level, why wouldn't you come to Vermont Law?" he asks. "The faculty in South Royalton believe what they say and live what they teach."

After earning his doctorate, he came to Vermont Law School for his JD and MSEL and stayed on a year to complete an LLM as well. "Great things were happening there. I secured an extra year of deferment from the Marines in order to benefit from a deeper knowledge of energy law. Vermont Law School is an opportunity to work with the best and brightest in the energy field."

During his LLM year, Sautter was part of the first class of Energizers who worked as researchers at the VLS Institute for Energy and the Environment. His statistical analysis of energy related topics led to the publication of articles in agricultural energy policy, effects of restructuring on electricity markets, and international climate change agreements.

When Sautter talks about his satisfaction with VLS he credits the institute, the faculty, and the curriculum. He also praises his fellow students. "My classmates at VLS were phenomenal individuals who had already done amazing things and were gearing up to do more. No one's path is straight or narrow because Vermont Law demands more than that. It takes students with passionate ideas and individualism. Where some schools break that spirit-Vermont Law feeds it."