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Brian Thomson , MELP 2013

A photo of Brian Thomson
“Low carbon energy is essential for our future. VLS is a leader in the laws and policies that are shaping this market””

Brian Thomson applied to exactly one school for his master's degree. "I was very deliberate," he says. "I chose Vermont Law School because I knew I could quickly build my expertise on energy and carbon markets here."

Thomson, graduating in 2013 with the Master of Environmental Law and Policy and an energy certificate, chose Vermont Law because of the depth of and reputation of energy courses. "Envision what you want to do when you are done. The more you can define your end goals, the more you will get out of your education. Are you interested in energy markets? Carbon markets? VLS has top-notch courses and teachers in these fields."

Before attending Vermont Law School, Thomson was a contractor with USAID on a clean energy project in Asia. "I loved my work," he reports, "but I didn't have the expertise I needed. I chose VLS to gain the technical know-how to roll out clean energy projects."

At Vermont Law School's Institute for Energy and the Environment, Thomson is working on a project concerning water consumption by Indian power plants. "I am researching the effects of water use by the India energy sector. Hopefully, the team's research will inform policymakers who will be increasingly facing tough energy planning decisions due to limited water supplies."

At the institute he is getting hands-on experience with exactly the kind of job he will seek after graduation. "After Vermont Law School I won't be a back-office support guy. I will be an expert in the energy field."