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Dispute Resolution Society Scores Victory

October 4, 2010

The Dispute Resolution Society scored a major victory Oct. 2-3 in New York City when Laura Colangelo '12, Ruth White '12, and Hannah Jannicelli '11 won the Negotiation round of the Securities Dispute Resolution Triathlon at St. John's Law School. They outscored 22 other law schools and faced Cornell when they put in their winning performance. "We're very proud of their accomplishment but also with the commitment and energy they put into preparing for the event," said Associate Professor Sean Nolon, director of of Vermont Law School's Dispute Resolution Program. "Also, this was also a team effort—many members of the Dispute Resolution Society pitched in over the last two weeks to moot, do research and offer advice. Also, Professor Bud Carey met with the team twice on late nights at the last minute to go over the minutiae of securities law. Vermont Law School was well prepared and well represented."
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