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Dapolito '12 Researches Rising Sea Levels, Human Organ Trafficking

February 9, 2012

Vermont Law School student Mollie Dapolito '12 recently published two articles in the ILSA Quarterly that explored important issues in international law and policy.Image of Palau

The articles were titled "Palua Seeks ICJ Advisory Opinion Regarding Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels" and "EULEX to Investigate Human Organ Trafficking in Albania." They were on pages 17-19 and 19-20, respectively.

"If Palau's proposal can garner a major of the UN General Assembly's favor, and ICJ were to issue an advisory opinion, the ICJ would need to answer some difficult legal questions," Dapolito wrote in the first article. "First and foremost, does the principle of trans-boundary environmental harm apply to GHG emissions and climate change?"

Image of eyeIn the second article, she wrote: "It sounds like something straight out of a horror film -- innocent people killed to harvest their organs for sale on the black market. The stories are real and are currently under investigation by the European Union Rule of Law Mission to Kosovo (EULEX)."

Published by the International Law Student Association, the ILSA Quarterly is an academic magazine that features articles written by students, scholars and practitioners concerning timely issues of international law and related topics.

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