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Abigail Barnes '14 co-authors Atlantic article -- Tainted: Why Gay Men Still Can't Donate Blood

October 1, 2012

Abigail Barnes '14 recently co-authored a commentary in the Atlantic headlined "Tainted: Why Gay Men Still Can't Donate Blood."

Image of Abi BarnesBarnes is a research associate at the Institute for Energy and the Environment and a junior research fellow at the U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law at Vermont Law School.

In her article, Barnes quotes VLS Professor Greg Johnson and mentions VLS's efforts to draw attention to the issue.

"This year, a committee at Vermont Law School organized a petition and awareness campaign in conjunction with its blood drive; the committee gathered 140 signatures to send to the FDA advocating for repeal of the ban," the article said. "The lesson these efforts teach us is clear: the FDA policy is unconstitutional and should be overturned. According to VLS Professor of Law Greg Johnson, 'VLS has long been a leader in defending the rights of the LGBT community. Modern detection techniques make the FDA's lifetime ban over-inclusive. The ban is grounded in discrimination, not science. VLS should join Middlebury College and others in leading the fight to repeal this illogical ban.'"

Read the Atlantic article, which was published Oct. 1, 2012.

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