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Federal Mega-Sites

American Law Sources Online (ALSO)
Cornell Legal Information Institute

Federal Constitution

Avalon Project (Yale)
Constitution of the United States (Annotated)
Founders' Constitution

Federal Case Law

US Supreme Court Homepage
US Supreme Court Decisions
US Supreme Court Merits Briefs
US Supreme Court Merits and Amicus Briefs (LexisNexis)
US Supreme Court Rules
US Supreme Court Transcripts of Arguments
US Supreme Court Downloadable Audio of Arguments
Federal Courts by Circuit
Federal Judiciary
Searchable Federal Court Decisions (FindLaw)

Federal Statutes

LLRX Court Rules, Forms, and Dockets
Public and Private Laws of the United States (GPO)
Public Laws (Thomas)
United States Code (LII)
United States Code (GPO)

Historic Federal Documents

American Memory (Library of Congress)
Avalon Project (Yale)
National Archives and Records Administration
US Statutes at Large 1789-1895

Federal Legislative Documents

Committee Reports (Thomas)
Committee Reports and Documents (GPO)
Congressional BudgetOffice
Congressional Documents (ProQuest Congressional)
Congressional Hearings (LexisNexis)
Congressional Hearings Index (GPOAccess)
Congressional Record (GPO)
Congressional Record (Thomas)
Congressional Record Index (GPO)
Congressional Research Service Reports (MemoryHole)
General Accounting Office
US House of Representatives
US Senate

Federal Regulations

Code of Federal Regulations (GPO)
Code of Federal Regulations (LII)
Federal Agencies Directory
Federal Register (GPO)
Federal Register List of Sections Affected

Federal Administrative Decisions

Agency Decisions (UVa)
Federal Agencies Directory


Executive Office of the President
-- Council of Economic Advisors
-- Council on Environmental Quality
--National Security Council
-- Office of Management and Budget
Executive Orders (Federal Register, GPO)
Executive Orders Codification, 1945-1989
Public Papers of the Presidents
Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

Vermont Constitution

Vermont Constitution
Vermont Constitution of 1777

Vermont Case Law

Vermont Environmental Court Decisions
Vermont Judiciary
Vermont Supreme Court Decisions
Second Circuit Court of Appeals
US Bankruptcy Court for the District of Vermont
US District Court for the District of Vermont

Vermont Statutes

Vermont Acts and Resolves
Vermont Statutes (unofficial)
Vermont Statutes Annotated (LexisNexis)
Vermont Statutes Annotated (Westlaw)

Vermont Legislative Documents

Vermont Legislature

Vermont Governor

Executive Orders

Regulations and Rules of Individual Agencies

-- Agriculture Department Rules
-- Child Support
-- Consumer Fraud Rules
-- Corrections Department Policies and Directives
-- Education Department Manual of Rules and Practices
-- Environmental Conservation Department Rules
-- Fish and Wildlife Department Rules
-- Health Department Rules and Regulations
-- Housing and Community Affairs Department Rules
-- Labor and Industry Department Rules and Regulations
-- Liquor Control Department Regulations
-- Public Service Board Rules
-- Social and Rehabilitative Services Policy Manual
Vermont Agencies

Vermont Administrative Decisions by Agency

-- Environmental Board Decisions, 1994-present
-- Labor Relations Board Decisions
-- Professional Conduct and Responsibility Board Decisions
-- Public Service Board Orders
-- Workers' Compensation Decisions
Vermont Agencies

State Mega-Sites

Cornell Legal Information Institute

State Case Law

State Court Websites

State Statutes and Court Rules

Cornell Legal Information Institute
LLRX Court Rules, Forms, and Dockets
National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws

State Administrative Law

State Administrative Decisions (Washlaw)

State Constitutions

Cornell Legal Information Institute

*LexisNexis, Westlaw, and any title marked with an asterisk (*) are subscription databases available only to members of the VLS community. Any problems with access should be brought to the attention of the Electronic Resources and Technology Librarian