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Career Services

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Career Services

At every stage of your legal education and career, the Office of Career Services can help you take the right first step—and the next step to the next position. As a first-year student, you'll be assigned to a highly trained career counselor. You'll learn the basics, such as cover letters, resumes, and interviews. You'll develop a strategic career plan that includes coursework, summer internships, and hands-on academic programs that are right for you.

In our mandatory first-year Career Preparation Boot Camp, we won't have you doing wind-sprints or pull-ups. But we will give you the skills you'll need for your job-search efforts. Career preparation workshops and panels may include:

  • A panel on what employers look for in job interviews, followed by mock interviews with an experienced lawyer
  • An instructional session on the art of business networking, the number-one tool you'll need to get started on your career path
  • A panel of alumni from diverse fields talking about their careers and how they got there. You'll be fascinated by the steps they've taken that have ultimately led them to their dream jobs
  • An interactive workshop that will help you to translate your skills into specific, powerful lines on your resume and to use those strengths to describe your accomplishments in job interviews

Our counselors line up employers who want to interview our students for summer and postgraduate positions. Many of these interviews are held on campus. Some are via video conference. Others take place at our job fair held twice a year in Washington, D.C.—exclusively for VLS students. Employers sign up because they want to hire VLS students. (And we charter a bus to get you back and forth.)

Our online job board lists opportunities in fields and geographic areas of interest to our students. Throughout the year, we sponsor programs on careers in specific fields and organize networking events for students to connect with lawyers to talk about career opportunities.

Vermont Law School is committed to promoting an employment and educational environment free from unlawful harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination. Unlawful harassment or discrimination of the basis of age, color, disability (including duty of reasonable accommodation), ethnicity, HIV-positive status, national origin, place of birth, race, religion, sex/gender (including gender identity/expression), sexual orientation, or veteran status as defined by applicable law ("protected characteristics") is prohibited and will not be tolerated.

Employment Summary for 2013

For Students

Vermont Law School helps students achieve career success by first preparing them to search for and close a job offer and by actively marketing our students to employers. We counsel students one on one, help them create a job-search strategy, and give them a range of resources, including our Symplicity online job-posting service and an invaluable three-year guide to finding a job. When it's time for interviews, we arrange for on-campus meetings with employers as well as sessions away from school.

For Alumni

Our alumni can choose to take advantage of a variety of search-related resources and services, including access to our online job-search system and individual career counseling.

For Employers

We create opportunities to connect employers and students for summer and entry-level positions. On-campus interviews are scheduled during the fall and spring, and employers in Washington are invited to participate in VLS's twice-a-year job fairs in the Capital. In addition, employers can post jobs online through Symplicity, provide speakers on a career panels, and conduct résumé collections.

Job Search Resources

Make use of this collection of online search resources, superb how-to information, contacts, and job-fair information to simplify your job search and enhance your professional presentation