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Tammara Van Ryn, MSEL '90

Ms. Van Ryn is the founding director of the Land Trust Accreditation Commission. She brings a deep knowledge of land conservation and land trust standards and practices to the position, having managed complex projects and having spent 20 years in the field. She is currently the director of Standards and Research for Land Trust Alliance (LTA), which promotes voluntary, private land conservation to benefit communities and natural systems.

Gene Coffey, JD '95

As a staff attorney at the National Senior Citizens Law Center ("NSCLC") in Washington, DC, Mr. Coffey provides legal representation to Medicaid beneficiaries. Since joining NSCLC in 2002, Mr. Coffey has exclusively focused on Medicaid developments at the state and federal level. He has brought federal actions on behalf of Medicaid beneficiaries in Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Oregon.

Marie Kulick, MSEL '00

Ms. Kulick is a Senior Associate with the Food and Health team of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minneapolis, MN. A key focus of her work is on preventing pollution of the food chain by promoting the use of safer materials and building support for an agricultural food system that reflects health considerations.

Emily Blistein, JD '05

Ms. Blistein is the Public Affairs Director for the Vermont Office of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Prior to joining Planned Parenthood, Ms. Blistein was a staff attorney with Vermont Legal Aid.

Kara Gillon, JD/MSEL '97

Ms. Gillon is a Staff Attorney with Defenders of Wildlife and works on a range of cases in the West involving water quality, endangered species, and biodiversity protection.

Albert Huang, JD '01

Mr. Huang is an environmental justice attorney with the New York office of the Natural Resources Defense Council ("NRDC"). In addition to litigation, his work focuses on regional and national environmental justice policy advocacy and development. Prior to joining NRDC, Mr. Huang was a policy advocate at the Environmental Health Coalition, a community—based grassroots organization located in California, where he worked on water quality, environmental justice, and energy issues.

Stephanie Young, JD '05

Ms. Young is an Ocean Policy Analyst with the Marine Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, DC. Ms.Young focuses on protecting ocean life through science and conservation advocacy.