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Photo of Kishan KhodayChristie Roberts ’06

Nonprofit Law and Microfinance from Bogota to Uganda

Christie Roberts is one of only three attorneys on the legal staff of the Washington, D.C.-based Grameen Foundation (GF), but Grameen is known worldwide for making the most of any asset. The Nobel-winning organization, founded by laureate Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, is dedicated to helping the world's poorest gain self-sufficiency through microlending and technology projects. More...

Photo of Kishan KhodayKishan Khoday ’00

Assistant Country Director
UN Development Program in China

When Kishan Khoday was deciding which law schools to apply to in the mid-1990s, he was drawn by Vermont Law School’s top-ranked environmental law program. Kishan, who lived in Montreal at the time, also liked what he saw in its international law courses and the VLS motto, “Law for the community and the world.” More...

Eliza Meeker ’07

Professional Support Lawyer
Capstan Avocats

Eliza Meeker '07 knew she wanted an international legal education and career, and she found a perfect fit in VLS's dual degree program in Paris. One of numerous study-abroad offerings, including several international dual degree programs, Eliza's choice included three years at VLS and one year studying in French at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, France's leading institution for business law. Eliza earned a JD and a French Master I; as part of the experiential element of the program, she worked in the Paris office of the Salans law firm during the summer of 2008. More...

Photo of Lyle Glowka.Lyle Glowka ’92

Senior Legal Advisor
Convention on Biological Diversity Secretariat

Just two decades ago, millions of tapir-nosed saiga antelope roamed the Central Asian steppes, their vast numbers stretching out to the horizon. But with the collapse of the Soviet Union came the collapse of the herds: local people, thrust into abject poverty, shot the goat-sized saiga to harvest their horns for a traditional Chinese medicine sought by a booming Chinese market. By 1992, fewer than 40,000 saiga remained, and extinction loomed. Enter Lyle Glowka, agreements officer of the United Nation's Convention on Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS). More...

Photo of Gabor Rona.Gabor Rona ’78

International Legal Director
Human Rights First

Gabor Rona works on the front lines of human rights. As international legal director of Human Rights First (HRF), he advises on international human rights and humanitarian law. He doubles as interim director of HRF's law and security program, standing watch for human rights in U.S. counterterrorism policies and practices. More...

Photo of Orestes Anastasia.Orestes Anastasia ’95

Senior Regional Climate Change Advisor
Regional Development Mission for Asia, U.S. Agency for International Development

His post-college travels convinced Orestes Anastasia that he could make a difference as an environmental lawyer. "The greatest challenges are in developing countries, and they're getting progressively worse," he says. His choice of Vermont Law School, with its top ranking and dual degree program in environmental law, has given Orestes the career flexibility and impact to fight climate change at home and abroad, and it helped him respond to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. More...

Photo of Charles Di Leva.Charles Di Leva ’78

Chief Counsel
Environmental and International Law Unit of the World Bank

Charles “Chuck” Di Leva was the first person in his family to go on to higher education when he graduated from high school at age 16. “I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, other than to work at something I felt contributed to society,” he says. His interest was teaching—he thought he might be a history professor. But in college, he found himself guided in another direction. More...

Photo of Jeff Qureshi.Jeff Qureshi ’98

Senior Legal Counsel
Sandoz International GmbH

Last summer in hot, humid Virginia, Jeff Qureshi received an email from a German attorney asking, “Wouldn’t you like to hike and bike in the nice, cool Alps?” It wasn’t a vacation suggestion, but a job offer. More...