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Vermont Law School’s close-knit community creates far-reaching connections and an international presence surprising for our size. We offer one of the best environmental law programs in the nation, yet our scope encompasses all of the subjects that take center stage in law today. Our goal is to prepare you—through close interaction with accomplished faculty, hands-on experiential learning, and a curriculum that challenges and inspires you—to be a public citizen in a career of your choosing.

VLS launches its graduates into careers that are meaningful, challenging, and fulfilling. After law school, they pursue social justice and the greater good on the national and international levels, in law firms, corporations, government, the judiciary, and public-interest settings. They work in the EPA and General Electric, the Department of Justice and Sprint Nextel, small-town practices and the United Nations.

The compassion and determination of our graduates are hallmarks of a VLS education. We enjoy the fresh air, peace, and remarkable beauty of Vermont yet are actively engaged with the most daunting problems that face the world today. We are diverse yet focused, pursuing different paths yet resolved as a whole to effect positive change in our communities and beyond.

This is a place for personal growth, for the ongoing development of responsibility, and for eye-opening opportunities in law, academics, research, and public service. Your time at VLS will add depth and meaning to your life, and you will leave—prepared for success—with exceptional training and renewed purpose.