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Director and Professor of Law

Brian Porto has been writing about legal issues in sports for more than two decades. His writings focus on the effects of Title IX on college sports and on the relationship between those sports and higher education. His most recent article, New Rules for An Old Game: Recent Changes To The NCAA Enforcement Process And Some Suggestions for The Future, was published in the Oregon Law Review (92 Oregon Law Review 101, Spring 2014). Recently he presented Improving The NCAA Enforcement Process at Oregon Law Review Symposium and also presented The NCAA's Restitution Rule: Bulwark Against Cheating Or Barrier To Appropriate Legal Remedies? at Roger Williams University Law Review Symposium. His new book, The Supreme Court and the NCAA, examines the antitrust and due process consequences for college football and basketball of the United States Supreme Court's decisions in NCAA v. Board of Regents (1984) and NCAA v. Tarkanian (1988), respectively. His most recent article was published this spring: "You'll Never Work (Or Play) Here Again: A Lingering Question In Title IX Retaliation Claims Brought By Coaches And Athletes After Jackson v. Birmingham Board of Education," 22 Marquette Sports Law Review 553 (Spring 2012).  He serves on the executive board of The Drake Group, which advocates reform of big-time college sports. Porto holds a JD from Indiana University-Bloomington and a PhD in political science from Miami University (Ohio). Before coming to VLS, he taught political science at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota and practiced law in Vermont. More...

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