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In the Profession

A law degree may be a passport to legal practice, social or environmental advocacy, teaching and research, or public/private management. In all of these, legal knowledge and skills are important. Also important are basic knowledge and skills from other disciplines.

  • To be a reflective advocate for clients, learn the law, how to argue well, and become aware of ethical principles.
  • To promote social reform, study public law and its application to community problems.
  • To understand environmental problems, become conversant with the essential principles of ecology.
  • To resolve disputes outside of courts, learn to read social and cultural situations to develop empathy and creative ways of problem solving.
  • To handle medical issues facing individuals and society, develop basic familiarity with health policy and sciences.
  • To teach and research law related subjects, and to gain deeper perspective, study legal history or jurisprudence.
  • To enter the business world, acquire some knowledge of management, economics, and social psychology.
  • To find meaning in professional life, follow your passions and stoke your curiosities about law, humanities, and the social sciences.