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Focused Studies

Interdisciplinary Programs

Law substantively connects to other fields of study, and a deeper understanding of other disciplines will enhance a legal education. For example, the creators of legal policy benefit from a foundation in social sciences, environmental lawyers should be well versed in ecology and engineering, and general practitioners call upon their knowledge of ethics, science, and economics.

A balanced, interdisciplinary education helps lawyers think creatively, pursue innovation, work closely with other professionals—and succeed in their fields. With this in mind, Vermont Law School offers a variety of opportunities for interdisciplinary study, within every degree program, including courses such as American Legal History, Environmental Ethics, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the Profession

Lawyers entering certain professions—such as environmental, corporate, or international law—should be well acquainted with the concepts, principles, and methodologies of relevant fields.

Planning an Interdisciplinary Curriculum

It is important to choose interdisciplinary courses in the context of your long-term goals. We can help you clarify your objectives and plan a course of study that meets them.