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U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law

Recently Published and Forthcoming Scholarship

Forthcoming 2013

Jason Czarnezki and Yu Wenxuan, Challenges and Solutions: China's Natural Resource Conservation & Biodiversity Legislation

Jason Czarnezki, Yanmei Lin, and Cameron Field, Global Environmental Law: Food Safety & China. Georgetown International Environmental Law Review. SSRN

Wenxuan Yu, Jingjing Liu and Po Dong, The Impacts of Climate Change on Indigenous Populations in China and the Legal Remedies, in Climate Change, Indigenous People and the Search for Legal Remedies: Balancing on the Tip of the Spear, Edward Elgar Publishing (forthcoming January 2013 in the UK and March 2012 in the U.S.)

Yu Zhuang and Wenxuan Yu, Improving the Enforceability of Genetically Modified Food Labeling Legislation in China - With Lessons Learned from the EU, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

Allison Cameron and Wei Luo, An Environmental Impact Assessment for Hydropower Development in China, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

Adam Moser, Law in China's Environmental Governance, In China and the Environment: The Green Revolution, Zed Books publishers, the U.K.

Forthcoming 2012

Wenxuan Yu and Canfa Wang, Agricultural GMO Biosafety Legislation, Vermont Journal of Environmenta Law

Yanfang Li, China's Renewable Energy Policy, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

Zhiping Li, The Practice of Water Pollution Public Interest Cases, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

Brian Marshall and Po Dong, Cleaning Squids off Chinese City Streets: China's Vehicle Scrappage Program, online research brief for the China Environment Forum at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Published 2012

Jingjing Liu, Environmental Justice with Chinese Characteristics: Recent Developments In Using Environmental Public Interest Litigation to Strengthen Access to Environmental Justice, Green Justice for All: International and Comparative Dimensions of Environmental Justice Symposium edition, 7 Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University Law Review, 2012 (in print). SSRN

Jingjing Liu and Dejin Gu, Environmental Judicial Activism in China, India, and Southeast Asia, in Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Vol. 7: China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability, 2012

Jingjing Liu (editor, joint with Sam Geall & Sony Pellissery), Berkshire Encyclopedia of Sustainability, Vol. 7, China, India, and East and Southeast Asia: Assessing Sustainability, 2012

Yanmei Lin and Gong Cheng, Legal Analysis on Why Daily Penalty Provision Has Been Taken Out from the Draft of Environmental Protection Law Amendments to be Reviewed by Standing Commitee of National People's Congress, Environmental Rule of Law (2011 2nd Issue), Law Press, April 2012 (in Chinese)

Jason Czarnezki, Boom to Bust: China, the U.S. and the Environment, HUFFPOST GREEN, 18 January 2012

Abigail Barnes, Kite Sensorship: Regulating China's Airways, China Environment Forum, October 2012.

Wenxuan Yu, Low-Carbon and More: Challenges and Solutions of China's Coal Industry Legislation, 13 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 334, 2012.

Published 2011

Yanmei Lin, China's Evolving Energy Governance: A Case Study of Mining Rights Disputes, Energy Governance Case Study #13, National University of Singapore, December 2011. SSRN

Adam Moser & Benjamin Sovacool, Public Participation in China's Energy Governance: The Non-Case of Chongqing Green Volunteers v. Guodian Yangzonghai Power Company, Energy Governance Case Study #13, National University of Singapore, December 2011. SSRN

Jason Czarnezki & Cameron Field, Are Food Imports from China Safe?, VTDIGGER, November 11, 2011

David K. Mears, Observations of an Illiterate Law Professor: The Pearl River and Chinese Traffic Laws, Among Other Important Topics, 13 VT. J. ENVTL. L.1,2011

Patricia Ross McCubbin, The Role of Judicial Review in Chinese and U.S. Energy and Climate Change Policy, 13 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 27,2011

Jingjing Liu, China's Procuratorate in Environmental Civil Enforcement: Practice, Challenges and Implications for China's Environmental Governance, 13 VT. ENVTL. L. 41, 2011

Brandon Gillin, Keeping Up With Chinese Consumerism: Offsetting China's Individually-Generated Garbage With Regulatory and Social Mechanisms, 13 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 69,2011

Kate Swartz & Guan Lin, Taming The Dragon: How Corporations in China Can Be Employed to Further Environmental Risk Management, 13 VT. ENVTL. L. 97, 2011

John Nogle, How Much Should China Pollute?, 12 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 659, 2011

Robert V. Percival, China's "Green Leap Forward" Toward Global Environmental Leadership, 12 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 633, 2011

Jason Czarnezki, Climate Policy and U.S.-China Relations, 12 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 659, 2011

Adam Moser, Pragmatism Not Dogmatism: The Inconvenient Need for Border Adjustments Tariffs Based on What Is Known About Climate Change, Trade, and China, 12 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 675, 2011. SSRN

Keith Schneider, Jennifer L. Turner, Aaron Jaffe, and Nadya Ivanova, Choke Point China: Confronting Water Scarcity and Energy Demand in the World's Largest Country, 12 VT. J. ENVTL. L. 713, 2011

Yanmei Lin & Gong Cheng, Analysis of a Water Pollution Case Under U.S. Public Interest Litigation System, China's Environmental Rule of Law (2011 Issue), Law Press, September 2011 (in Chinese)

Jingjing Liu, Overview of the Chinese Legal System, Environmental Law Reporter News and Analysis, October 2011

Adam Moser & Tseming Yang, China's Environmental Tort Litigation, Environmental Law Reporter, October 2011. SSRN

Yanmei Lin and Gong Cheng, Public Interest Litigation: A New Tool to Hold Hazardous Waste Generator Liable for Illegal Disposal, China's Environment and Resources Law Review (Volume 9), Law Press, 2011