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U.S.-China Partnership for Environmental Law

Joint Research Project Papers

Through the program, VLS, SYSU, Renmin and CUPL faculty and students conduct research on practical approaches to ameliorating China’s extensive environmental problems. Past student and faculty research has been supported by the Lingnan Foundation and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Students are involved in year-long collaborative research projects that pair VLS students with either SYSU, Renmin or CUPL law students. VLS students travel to SYSU, Renmin and CUPL to present research results together with their SYSU, Renmin and CUPL counterparts and to expand their knowledge of China’s legal system and environmental laws.


Collaborative Research Projects 2008-2009

Carolyn Aldreman, Cui Shidan, Du Qinghua, and Liu Yunhai, Guangzhou Emission Trading System Intial Study

Shannon Consentino-Roush, Wu Yingjun, Zhao Wenkang and Zhai Lingyan, Study on Critical Issues on Drinking Water Pollution and Prevention Control Legislation

Ashley Laney and Kang Siying, Comparative Study on Sino-India Environmental Basic Law

Thomas Baker and Huang Xiaodi, Compartative Study on Sino-US Environmental Law Enforcement

Anna Skubikowski and Deng Minzhen, Comparative Study on Sino-US Franchise System to Operate Public Utilities

Collaborative Research Projects 2007 - 2008

Jack Sautter and Jeanne Li, The Clean Development Mechanism in China: Assessing the Tension Between Development and Curbing Anthropogenic Climate Change [PUBLISHED AS: John A. Sautter, The Clean Development Mechanism in China: Assessing the Tension Between Development and Curbing Anthropogenic Climate Change, 27 Va. Envtl. L.J. 91 (2009).]

Timothy Riley and Huiyan Cai, Unmasking Chinese Business Enterprises: Using Information Disclosure Laws to Enhance Public Participation in Corporate Environmental Decision Making, 33 Harvard Environmental Law Review 177 (2009).

Natalie Firestine and Wencui Luo, Providing China's Expanding Industry With a Cleaner Energy Source: Fostering "Energy Efficiency" as the "First" Fuel Through Energy Service Contracting

Joshua Belcher and Huanyan Zhang, Green Incentives in China's Enterprise Income Tax: China's Increasing Use of Market Mechanisms to Control Pollution

Camille Dalmacio and Fan Yang, The Progression of Property Rights with "Chinese Characteristics"

Collaborative Research Projects 2006 - 2007

Heather Jarvis and Wei Xu, Comparative Analysis of Air Pollution Trading in the United States and China, 36 Environmental Law Reporter 10234 (2006).

Jesse L. Moorman and Zhang Ge, Promoting and Strengthening Public Participation in China's Environmental Impact Assessment Process: Comparing China's EIA Law and U.S. NEPA, 8 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 278 (2006–2007).

Martin Eng and Daisy Zhong, Comparative Analysis of Environmental NGOs in the United States and China (2006).

Quoc Nguyen and Peng Ruoyu, International Comparative Analysis on Environmental Dispute Resolution of the Wengyuan Cancer Villages (2007).

Linda Tsang and Qingfeng Yang, This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is My Land: Remedies for China’s Polluted Land and Soil (2007).

Li Zhiping, Protection of Peasants' Environmental Rights During Social Transition: Rural Regions in Guangdong Province, 8 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 338 (2006–2007).