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Middle East Environmental Law


middle_east_mapThe Middle East, a predominately arid and semiarid region, faces major environmental problems, including growing water shortages, climate change, and air and water pollution. Many of the nations in the region share similar environmental problems that require similar and/or common solutions. Laws and legal institutions need to be created, developed and strengthened at the national and regional levels in order to address these challenges. Effective implementation and enforcement of environmental laws are crucial for protection of public health and conservation of natural resources in the Middle East.


About MEEL

Middle East Environmental Law was launched in 2011, by Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Hoseini, LL.M candidate at Vermont Law School and IUCN Commission on Environmental Law member. MEEL serves as an education resource for persons around the world interested in the environmental laws and regulations in the Middle East, and as a forum for discussion of environmental law and policy challenges facing the region. MEEL has assembled many of the leading environmental law scholars in the Middle East to contribute their expertise and knowledge. MEEL seeks to work with leading national and regional educational institutions as well as national, regional and international environmental organizations to support development of environmental law in the Middle East.

MEEL Advisory Board and Research Group

Distinguished professors and scholars from around the world serve on the MEEL Advisory Board.

Scholars resident in and/or native to the Middle East region  are contributing their time and effort as part of the Research group.


Message from John Echeverria
Professor and Acting Director, Environmental Law Center, Vermont Law School

Vermont Law School welcomes the opportunity to electronically host the Middle East Environmental Law website.   This website was conceived and created by Seyed Mohammad Hosseini , a citizen of Iran who is pursuing an LLM here at VLS.   The website fills an important need by collecting and organizing information about environmental issues, laws and policies throughout the Middle East region.   (The website is still in its early stages of development, and Mr. Hosseini plans to add information on additional countries and issues in the future.)    A distinguished group of scholars from the Middle East region and the rest of the world have agreed to serve on the MEEL advisory board.   An energetic group of volunteer scholars and students have contributed a great deal of time and effort to the development of the website.

Vermont Law School is pleased to have Mr. Hosseini as a student in our LLM program, welcomes his hard work in constructing this valuable website, and appreciates the opportunity to learn about the environmental challenges in the Middle East region.


For Additional Information: Contact Seyed Mohammed Mehdi Hosseini at