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Center for Agriculture and Food Systems

    Food Radio

    Food Radio is a monthly program with content around all aspects of the food system. Created collectively by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems and student group the Food and Agricultural Law Society. Firmly rooted in South Royalton VT, we address topics of national import and have a global reach. Our partner Royalton Community Radio broadcasts the show once per month Tuesday at 11am at

    Listen to previous episodes here!

    Some of our recurring segments:

    • Point-Counterpoint where two sides of an issue are debated, e.g., GMO Labeling
    • Farm Bill Watch with background info and updates about the Federal Farm Bill
    • Interviews: Dean of Vermont Law School Marc Mihaly, Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Ross, Farmer and former state representative David Ainsworth, owners of local gourmet burger shop the Worthy Burger.

     Tune in and engage with us! Shoot us an email at