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Environmental Law Center

2014 Solutions Conference: Eco-Equity

Friday, March 28, 2014
8:30am - 6:00pm
Chase Center, Vermont Law School

The 2014 Solutions Conference presents "Eco-Equity: The Crossroads Between Cultural Diversity and Environmental Health."  Participants may register online now for this event and receive more information on the conference Facebook page. Read the press release here.

Environmental justice promotes a fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens. Eco-Equity will revolve around the ability of all communities to protect their health, safety, and economic interests from unjust environmental degradation. Historically underprivileged populations and minorities are survivors of cultural genocide. The loss of these communities impacts all of humanity.

Through five panels, experts and practitioners from all over the country will explore the many current legal issues sparked by Environmental Justice.  


8:00-8:30am: Registration

8:30-8:45am: Open Address

8:45-10:10am: Indigenous Rights
This panel will consider Indigenous Rights and the Environment through discussion of the advocacy tools available to indigenous people and how these tools may be implemented in other communities.
Watch the Panel 1 video. (includes Opening Remarks)

10:25-11:25am: Civil Rights
This panel will provide a legal advocacy cookbook. Speakers on this panel will provide guidance on how to motivate the public to take action against environmental injustices, prove standing in environmental justice litigation, and what remedies are available through an environmental law suit.
Watch the Panel 2 video.

11:35am-12:50pm: Industrialization
This panel will consist of several case studies where communities have successfully risen against the threats of industrialization and poor waste management planning.
Watch the Panel 3 video.

12:50-2:00pm: Lunch

2:00-3:15pm: Developing Natural Resources
This panel will focus on Developing Natural Resources, weighing economic rights against impacts on culture, health, and the environment.
Watch the Panel 4 video.

3:25-4:25pm: EJ on an International Scale
This panel will focus on promoting environmental justice on an international scale, and striking a balance between environmental advocacy and the promotion of cultural traditions. Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd and Professor Betsy Baker of Vermont Law School will sit on this final panel. Following thier individual presentations, we will facilitate an in-depth Q&A session and initiate a conversation between the two.
Watch the Panel 5 video.

4:25-6pm: Reception

This conference is sponsored by the Student Bar Association, Office of Student Affairs and Diversity, Black Law Student Association, Environmental Law Society, Latin American Law Students Association, and Native American Law Students Association.