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Accelerated JD Faculty

Vermont Law School faculty are men and women of influence and experience known for their passion for justice and equal opportunity. These distinguished professors work where their students are headed-in governments, nonprofits, and corporations

In addition to the permanent Vermont Law faculty, AJD students are on campus during our world-renowned summer sessions.  Summer in South Royalton means exposure to a community of world leaders in environmental law.  Visiting summer faculty write policy and law internationally, participate in cutting edge litigation, and lead as political organizers, environmental officials and advocates.

Vermont Law School's faculty of scholars, activists, and superb teachers create a reality of daily interaction: person-to-person instruction and mentoring. Our dedicated faculty came to Vermont Law because of a desire to give back. They take a real interest in the professional lives of our students and can provide AJD candidates both direction and inspiration as they quickly move forward into careers and accomplishment.

Find out more about our outstanding professors and summer session luminaries