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First-Year, Spring Semester

* Joint degree students may take Environmental Law this semester.
Course Name
Criminal Law

This course focuses on the foundation of our system of substantive criminal law, with emphasis upon mental state, responsibility, justification and excuse, inchoate crimes, and liability for the conduct of another.

Legal Writing II: Theory and Practice

Develops fundamental legal writing, reasoning, and research skills in the context of the analysis of a specific subject matter. This course also provides the transition from predictive to persuasive legal writing and advocacy and an introduction to other legal problem-solving skills.


An introduction to the concept of ownership and its legal implications: rights to control, enjoy, and transfer real and personal property, including public and private restrictions on use; estates in land; concurrent ownership; adverse possession; easements and licenses; and landlords and tenants.

Public Law

This course provides a comprehensive introduction to public law, focusing on the constitutional structure of government, the legislative process and statutory interpretation, the nature and authority of public administrative agencies, the methods agencies use to establish regulations and other legal rules, and the process for judicial review of agency action.

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