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Accounting and Business Fundamentals


An introduction to accounting and basic business principles for attorneys, including reading annual reports and financial statements, researching the financial structure of corporations and non-profits, and exploring relevant issues such as socially responsible investing.

Antitrust Law


This course is a basic introduction to federal antitrust law.  It will explore basic concepts in competition theory.  Specific topics will include cartels, monopolization, price-fixing, exclusive dealing rules, vertical restraints, and mergers.

Bankruptcy and Environmental Law


Explores the interface of environmental laws and federal bankruptcy statutes, as well as the tension between the goals of bankruptcy and the goals of environmental law, in particular CERCLA. Topics covered include the rights and obligations of debtors and creditors under the Bankruptcy Code, the discharge of environmental debts in bankruptcy, and the abandonment of contaminated property by the bankruptcy trustee.

Business Taxation


Survey of income tax issues of corporations, partnerships, S Corporations, limited liability companies, and their owners arising out of the business entity's formation, operation and liquidation. 

Commercial Law/Payment Systems

Randall Mayhew

Survey of the law relating to payment systems, with a major focus on the checking system and Articles 3 and 4 of the Uniform Commercial Code and applicable federal regulations. Topics include the laws and rules relating to electronic funds transfers, credit cards, debit cards, notes, letters of credit and similar payment devices. Also included are discussions of suretyship law and various credit enhancement devices. 

Copyright Law


A comprehensive introduction to copyright law that examines the historical foundations of copyright and related intellectual property law, U.S. treaty obligations, policies and case law that shape not only the traditional areas of copyright law, but also the often controversial relationship between copyright and technology in the digital age.

Corporate Finance/Mergers and Acquisitions


Explores legal and financial issues relating to the capital structure and financing of corporations, including various types of securities and the rights and legal relationships among the holders of such securities; and business and legal considerations with respect to dividends and distributions to shareholders.  This course also considers the planning, structure and implementation in connection with mergers and acquisitions, and the role of the business lawyer in corporate transactions. 

Corporations and Other Business Associations


Provides a basic understanding of the different organizational forms for businesses, including corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships, general partnerships and sole proprietorships.  The course also examines the law of agency, and surveys selected topics, such as basic accounting principles, business formation, financing, dissolution, and securities regulation.

Debtor-Creditor Law and Bankruptcy


An exploration of consumer bankruptcy law under Chapters 7, 12, and 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and how the law impacts the rights of borrowers and lenders. The course covers the creation of consumer lender-borrower relationships, including promissory notes, security agreements, and mortgages; rights of borrowers under the Truth in Lending Act, RESPA, and other consumer protection laws; creditor remedies; and exemption statutes under state and federal law. 

Digital Drafting


Focuses on how new technologies affect legal drafting, and surveys the historical background of law and technology; the logical basis for such legal documents as contracts, wills, statutes and regulations; and the theory of embedding law in code. The course  also considers the secondary effects on law, lawyering and the legal profession likely to arise from the digitization of many legal tasks. In addition to the reading and class discussions, students will learn basic programming techniques and will undertake drafting projects.