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Student Clinicians

Photo of student cliniciansEight qualified students are selected for the spring and fall semesters. Students are selected based on academic achievement, interest in land use issues, relevant work experience, and research and writing skills. Third-year students and second-year students in the spring semester are eligible to apply. Land Use Law is preferred but not required. Students work twenty hours a week in the Land Use Clinic workroom. In addition, students are expected to be present at mandatory weekly seminars presented by the faculty, staff, and guest speakers. Students must also attend a mandatory weekly review of projects.

During the summer, the clinic also offers Vermont Law School students who have completed at least one year of law school the option to work in the clinic as a volunteer or to earn credits towards a student's MELP or JD degree.

The Land Use Clinic provides students with the opportunity to improve legal research, writing, oral and written advocacy, analysis and implementation of land use case law, regulations, plans, and policy. Students apply substantive knowledge of land use issues to create practical and innovative land use solutions. The Land Use Clinic emphasizes the importance of community partnerships. Students are expected to exercise professional and ethical skills, including those of personal interaction with clients, advisors, staff, and co-workers.