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Development Review Training Modules

The Development Review Training Modules series are meant to provide an overview of various local development review topics including rules of procedure, development review skills, associated legal issues, and special topics. The audience is local land use officials in Vermont. The series of  modules is being developed by the Vermont Law School Land Use Clinic.  Each module includes the contributions of many co-authors, editors and reviewers.

Read the Development Review Training Modules
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Land Use Clinic Blog

Vermont is known for its abundance of natural green beauty, open spaces, and rural culture. We feel developments in Vermont land use law significantly affect the Vermont landscape and can shape the national dialogue on good land use practices. The students and faculty members of the Land Use Clinic have diverse backgrounds in law, planning, and environmental policy. We hope that our blog will keep you informed about land use developments in Vermont.

Smart Growth Vermont

Smart Growth Vermont and Vermont Law School's Land Use Institute and Land Use Clinic, teamed up to develop a series of issue papers addressing a range of legal topics associated with planning and land use regulation. These papers were prepared by the Land Use Institute and Land Use Clinic  students under the supervision of faculty, and explain different aspects of constitutional land use law.

Financial Incentives for Public Access

Every state in the United States offers some type of financial incentive to landowners who agree to preserve undeveloped areas or allow public access on their properties. To promote both recreational access to private lands and conservation of undeveloped lands, states encourage private landowners to utilize a substantial variety of financial incentives available to them. These incentives can be grouped into three main categories; property tax laws, income tax credits for land donations and hunter access programs.