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Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic

Opposing an Asphalt Plant in Local Residential Community

Since summer 2012, the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic has been working with a group of residents concerned about a proposed asphalt plant in Graniteville, Vermont.  The group formed in opposition to North East Materials Group's application for an Act 250 land use permit for an asphalt plant in their community.  While the proposed plant would be within an area with a history of granite quarrying, the area does not currently include a smokestack industry, and it is surrounded by a residential community.

The Clinic represented the group in several hearings before the District 5 Environmental Commission, which has jurisdiction over the Act 250 application.  The residents opposed the project based on air quality, stormwater runoff, traffic, aesthetics, and inconsistency with the Town Plan.  The plant poses significant safety concerns for the community, particularly in light of the site's proximity to their homes and existing health conditions.

The District Commission granted the Act 250 permit, and we appealed to the Environmental Division of Vermont's Superior Court in March 2013.