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Academic Success Program

Succeeding in Law School

Faculty Advising

Each incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor. Faculty advisors help students clarify their goals while in law school and strategize ways to meet those goals. They provide important insight on course selection and other areas of interest to students. Incoming students meet their faculty advisors for a brown bag lunch during orientation. After orientation, students make appointments with their advisor according to their advising needs. Even though Vermont Law School initially pairs each student with a faculty advisor, students are encouraged to seek out any member of the faculty for advice.


Student Mentors

Students are encouraged to meet with Vermont Law School's student mentors. Our mentors are a group of talented upper division students who can help you master the basic skills required to succeed in law school. Students can sign up for an appointment with a mentor on the bulletin board on the second floor of Waterman Hall.

ASP Mentors:

  • help students to facilitate the learning process;
  • listen and communicate respectfully as experienced peers;
  • give tools and strategies to students, understanding that there are many options and multiple ways to brief, understand and practice legal analysis;
  • focus on encouraging students to see the big picture—how rules interact and how to see the whole, not just the parts;
  • help students to strengthen their skills of organization, including all of the information of the first year, including class notes, briefs, outlines and study strategies;
  • continue to refresh and refine their own skills;
  • identify whether students are under an undue amount of stress and make appropriate referrals to professionals;
  • encourage students to consider whether their competitiveness is harmful or motivating;
  • help students to improve their classroom participation and remain` engaged in class.