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Resources for Succeeding In Law School

* Please note that the following websites are not maintained by Vermont Law School and Vermont Law School assumes no responsibility for their content. If you find that a link is no longer current, please contact .

Learning styles

This website includes a learning styles test and information about different learning styles. Learning about your learning style is a great starting point for law school success.

Tools for Succeeding in Law School

This site was compiled by Professor Vernellia Randall of the University of Dayton School of Law. It provides a terrific overview of many areas of law student concern from time management to exam preparation.

This site was compiled by professor Barbara Glesner Fines from the University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law. The site includes excellent resources for in-coming law students including information on how to take multiple choice tests, an overview of the importance of grades, and techniques for minimizing stress and anxiety

A fun interactive site with some good tips about law school.

Efficient Reading Techniques

This is a great site about efficient reading techniques. The site was created by University of North Carolina Law Professor Ruth Ann McKinney.


Here are tips on case briefing from Professor Paul Bateman of Southwestern University School of Law


Professor Lenni Benson from New York Law School talks about Outlining


The following links provide good information about procrastination:

Time Management

Worried about time management? Check out the following sites for helpful tips: