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The Julien and Virginia Cornell Library, named after grandparents of a VLS alum, was completed in the spring of 1991. The groundbreaking brochure quotes Julien Cornell as saying “We think there is nothing more enduring and nothing more important to the future of our society than the providing of books and a place to read them.”

As VLS students, faculty and staff enter the library, we are always reminded of the generous support provided by Julien and Virginia Cornell; a plaque in the library lobby reads:

“Julien and Virginia Cornell provided the encouragement and support to Vermont Law School that made this library possible. Their example and vision have sparked the imagination of others to support this center of learning, which will serve students, faculty and the bench and the bar for generations to come. The history of human endeavor will be available here to help us chart our course.
Dedicated by the Vermont Law School Board of Trustees, September 21, 1991”

Aside from their interest in the library, the Cornells were also integral to the creation of VLS’s General Practice Program which bridges the gap between theory and practice by integrating substantive law and professional skills in a transactional model of learning.